11-8-17 Weekly Update

The Holy Spirit is always on the move, prompting the hearts and minds of people everywhere, including in our church and community, wooing people to Him and touching their hearts and minds in a way that is impossible for even the most savvy Christian to fully comprehend.  the Bible even tells us that the Holy Spirit communicates on our behalf with God in words and groans we will never understand.  The power of the Holy Spirit is unfathomable!
Yet, even though we recognize the power of the Holy Spirit to change people’s lives, we too often get the order of things all mixed up.  Instead of following where the Holy Spirit is leading, we try to elicit the Holy Spirit to “help us” accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves without having first made the effort to seek out where the Spirit is already working and moving.  God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, are doing amazing things in the world, through congregations and communities like ours.  Go where the Spirit is leading instead of expecting the Spirit to go where you are leading.  
Where do you see the Holy Spirit working in your life, the life of your family and friends, the church and the community?  Think on that, then jot down a note to remind yourself that during this season of Thanksgiving, the work of the Holy Spirit is something to be eternally grateful for.

TODAY – NOVEMBER 8th – All Church Charge Conference, 7 -8pm

Please remember this very important meeting this evening! Everyone is invited to attend.



I will be out this Sunday serving on a Walk to Emmaus weekend, and Rev. Wendy Meyers will be guest preacher. We ALSO have special musicians this Sunday too led by Jonathan, Jeff and Crew! Please come, there is no better way to begin your week than being surrounded by a family of believers who love and care for each other. Also pray for the Walk weekend, and Aja Russell who will be attending as a Pilgrim!



FRIDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY RESUMES . . . a week from this Friday, which will be November 17th at 9am. I just need to know where you left off!



– SPECIAL MUSIC TEAM TO JOIN US that day for worship. Really, you will not want to miss this! Wendi Ortiz will have more details for you.
– Family Fun trip to Six Flags, leaving after Worship. Email Teresa Whitney (kids@caddomillsumc.org) for details.

ADVENT GROUP STUDY COMING: “Angels Among Us #donotbeafraid” This Study will follow along with our sermon series – but I promise, you will not get the same information in the sermon as in the study – so plan on attending! You will not be disappointed! #morehope #morelove #morepeace #morejoy Thursday evenings, 7pm! November 30th, December 7th, December 14th, and December 21st – mark your calendars now!


LOOKING FOR . . . someone who can draw a human size pair of angel wings for us. Could that be you?