7-17-17 CMUMC Updates

July is always a crazy month for Methodist churches around the world … clergy are appointed to serve their churches from July 1 through June 30 so everyone who is being transferred or retiring all moves at the same time!  Please say a prayer for all the clergy and congregations who are maneuvering through changes this month!
It also means that our vacations are supposed to be completed before the new year begins so I squeezed my last week right before our “new” year started!  Thanks to Aja who did all the PowerPoint, Wendi and Kelli for leading the singing and Brandy and Brenda for holding down the fort which I was gone.  I spent time in Fayetteville, AR with my daughter Lexie and my grandson, then I spent some alone time at Prothro Center, a Methodist retreat center on Lake Texoma.  I had an incredible week!
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DIE? This Saturday, July 15, 10-11:30 am
I hope you’ll plan to join me for this look at the biblical answers to this question! This Saturday we’ll look at all the questions about heaven (what happens when we take our last breath, will we see loved ones, will we have bodies, what will we do there, what will it be like, etc.) … we’ll also look at some misconceptions.  Them on August 5th we’ll continue our look at heaven (too much to talk about at once!) and then discuss HELL.  
PARENTS: childcare for kids in 5th grade or younger can be arranged but I need to know before THURSDAY at NOON please!
The 10 Commandments Water Bash, Sundays, 5:30-7 om … has 2 more weeks, this week will be Commandments 7 and 8.  Thanks to Brandy and Jason for their commitment to our kids!  
– SUNDAY NIGHTS, 5:30-7 pm … Brenda has been working hard to make sure our older kids have a great environment to connect to the church in a fun and meaningful way.   
– LOCK-IN, July 21-22, 8 pm-8 am … Brenda will be providing parents details but suffice it to say, this is a “right of passage” for youth groups!  They will likely be up all night watching movies, playing games, eating, etc. but they are welcome to bring blankets and pillows if they want to “snooze” during an early morning movie. DEADLINE to make a reservation is this Sunday 7/16 so if you haven’t let Brenda know how many kids to expect, please let her know now!   Permission slips are online.
Shara Thomason and I are getting our “adoption” lists ready for families who might need a little help getting ready for school this fall. We will work directly with the school to get names and ages so stay tuned for details!
DID YOU KNOW … online giving makes generosity EASY!
Like most bills and mortgages and car payments  that you HAVE to pay, many of you set up automatic payments so you know those priorities are taken care of.  We  can do the same thing in giving to God, but we don’t HAVE to do it … we WANT to do it!  By arranging online giving you set an amount and date and payment method and your generosity is AUTOMATIC!  I don’t know about you but I never carry cash, and rarely have checks, so forgetting my gift to Him is very easy if I don’t plan it … I love the online system … CHECK IT OUT!

H‚Äčope to see you all Saturday morning!

 Debbie Lyons 

Pastor, Caddo Mills United Methodist Church 

PO Box 417 – 2500 First Street, Caddo Mills, TX.  75135