7-27-17 CMUMC Updates

I admit it … I’m not a hot weather person! But when the school supplies come out in all the stores I get a little excited because it means … fall is coming!  I know, I know … fall in Texas doesn’t come until October, but I have been busy starting to pray about what our sermon schedule will look like after school goes back and we get into a regular schedule again.  Brenda has already given me her whole YOUTH schedule through December and when Brandy gets back from vacation, she too will be getting the kids calendars filled in.  Until then, here are some updates for you …
Pot Luck is this Sunday, July 30th
Thanks to Justin and his brother who coming in Saturday night to set up the tables for us … we’ll leave 3 rows of chairs in the back and be “flexible” if we need to add more tables, but I hope everyone is planning to come!
I was a joy to welcome Aja Russell to the church last Sunday … and to baptize her beautiful daughters was such a blessing for us ALL!  Several weeks ago we also welcomed Becton and Vanessa Pope to membership when THEY transferred their membership from another church. Several people asked when we would have another joining day so mark your calendar … you can join the church ANYTIME, but if you enjoy the fellowship of joining with others, you can take the vows together!  Just let me know!
DID YOU KNOW: we have a new Asset Management Team?
We have a group of people that help keeps eyes on our most valuable assets, the CHURCH and the PARSONAGE.  The primary purpose of the church building and facilities is to enable the vision and ministry of the congregation and a church that is “well-groomed” and attractive is much more welcoming, safe, and hospitable, especially for new people who may be looking for a relationship with Christ!  As we work to care for our assets and care for what He’s entrusted with us, this new group will not only watch for things that  need repair or improvement, but ALSO look for things can be safety hazards.  Andy Seymour is heading up this group but please know this … this is YOUR church!  Please keep YOUR eyes open for things you see that someone else might not!  Look for things that can be improved, things to fix, weeds that need to be pulled (pull them!), garbage on the playground (pick it up!), etc. etc.  And contact Andy with your input or to get involved: andy.seymour@att.net
STARTING SAVING YOUR “STUFF” … we’re having a RUMMAGE SALE, October 21st
Brenda and the CREW will be spearheading the NEXT garage sale to raise money for their ministry, but start NOW saving your good stuff!!!
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DIE?  Saturday,  August 5, 10-11:30 am
I hope you’ll plan to join me  for a recap of what the Bible tells us about heaven, followed by a look at the scripture about hell. Youth are WELCOME but PARENTS: childcare for kids in 5th grade or younger can be arranged if I know before THURSDAY at NOON please!
Paradise Baptist will not be doing backpacks with us this year so we will be getting names from Griffis and Lee (and anyone else from the Middle or High School who needs them.) We may be looking for EARPHONES (as many people have already been generous enough to bring backpacks!) but Shara is hoping to hear from Griffis tomorrow with details. If you can wait, TAX FREE DAY is August 11-13 so we have PLENTY of time! If you’re planning ahead, OUR BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS: Sunday, August 20th 
Thanks to Brenda, Brandy, Charlie, Debbie and Jacie for making the LOCK-IN so much fun!  The good Lord knows, I could NEVER give up by sleep for a night so please be sure to thank them all!!
I will not be communicating the regular WEEKLY youth events in this email anymore – Brenda will communicate directly with the parents and the kids so if she doesn’t have your phone number and email address, please email her now!  youth@caddomillsumc.org We WILL try to keep the Facebook page up to date and the webpage has a BUNCH of great fall things already listed!!  I WILL, however keep special events on this all church communication  … events like:
– YOUTH PARENT MEETING: Sunday, August 13, 4:30 PM ... in addition to hearing about all the fall events planned, I will spend a few minutes discussing CONFIRMATION, a very important milestone in the faith journey of your kids. 
The CREW BOWLING night … Sunday, August 13, 5:30 … after the parent meeting the kids will have dinner and then go to Shenanigans for BOWLING!  Brenda will be sending you the costs and details but remember, we’re always looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve a lite dinner!! youth@caddomillsumc.org 
– NO YOUTH GROUP Sunday, August 20th ... it’s back to school the next day!
– HUGE BACK TO SCHOOL BASH … Sunday, August 27th … kids will DEFINITELY want to wearing shirts that can get VERY, VERY dirty!!
Looking for a way to grow in your faith and take advantage of some great Conference resources? Consider the Course in Spiritual Gifts offered at at Cuthand UMC on Saturday, 8/12 and 8/26, 9-4, but then, there is a powerful ADVANCED Course about the HOLY SPIRIT at OUR Church on 10/14 & 28 (9-4) …registration is important so please click these links for details:
The BASIC Lay Leadership Course  … Brenda Williams will be attending this if you want to carpool to Bogota!
Debbie Lyons 
Pastor, Caddo Mills United Methodist Church 
PO Box 417 – 2500 First Street, Caddo Mills, TX.  75135