9-10-17 Searching for a Great Church


Acts 4:23-33. Revelation 1:9-20


WELCOMESONGS: God of Wonders

Sweet Hour of Prayer

BIRTHDAYS: Steve Gavin, Tony Gavin and David Cole



  • This Wednesday night is a special ALL CHURCH event for EVERYONE! If you have been coming here for MANY years or if today is your 1st day YOUR input in God’s planning for the future in not only valuable, it’s CRITICIAL!! We WILL have dinner from 6-6:30 and then there WILL be childcare from  6:30– 8 for kids 5th grade and under.  (The email said 6:30 to 8:30 but it’s 6-8!)
  • CLUB JOURNEY starts on September 19th from 3:30-4:45 and we have invited 167 students from the 3-4-5th grades at LEE to join us … I want to thank our GREETERS who have signed up, we have enough for them to ROTATE, and we want to thank the FOUR others … but this is not enough help to service what we expect will be NO LESS than 50 kids? Please consider how your gift can contribute to God’s call on YOUR life to make disciples … no better way that with the children!
  • JUST A REMINDER to start cleaning out your garage and closets and SAVE YOUR STUFF for the youth Ministry garage sale!
  • Adult Kids are in for a TREAT because the CREW is hosting the next dinner and GAME night on September 13
  • Come be part of ongoing events

… The CREW youth group will also continue to meet on Sunday nights

… Friday morning Bible studies continue on Friday mornings

… Adult Sunday school is meeting on Sundays this fall at 9:45



            Reflection time



SONG: I am the Church, You are the Church

Spirit of the Living God


SERMON: Searching for the Perfect Church

 After their release, they returned to their brothers and sisters and reported everything the chief priests and elders had said.  They listened, then lifted their voices in unison to God in prayer.. After they prayed, the place where they were gathered was shaken. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking God’s word with confidence. Acts 4:23,31

The community of believers was one in heart and mind. None of them would say, “This is mine!” about any of their possessions, but held everything in common.  The apostles continued to bear powerful witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and an abundance of grace was at work among them all.  Acts 4:32-33

(1) Ephesus – hard workers, full of endurance, haven’t put up with evil BUT have forsaken its first love and forgotten the basics of what made them great to begin with … but PARADISE awaits (2:4).

 (2) Smyrna – a church that suffered hardship and hurtful things spoken about them and more suffering was yet to come BUT THEY WILL RECEIVE THE CROWN OF LIFE (Rev. 2:10)

 (3) Pergamum – they kept their faith in the midst of bad circumstances but they worshipped false idols and were sexually immoral and needed to repent BUT THEY WOULD EMERGE VICTORIOUS (2:16).

 (4)Thyatira – a strong, faithful, loving church with good works and endurance but who wouldn’t condemn a false prophetess.  BUT THEY WOULD HAVE AUTHORITY OVER NATIONS. (2:20).

(5) Sardis – the church thought they were alive but were “dead; they had fallen asleep. BUT THEIR NAMES WOULD BE IN THE BOOK OF LIFE (3:2).

 (6) Philadelphia – the church that had endured patiently and done good works and kept their faith even though they had little power. THEY WILL BE PILLARS IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD  (3:10).

(7) Laodicea – the church with the lukewarm faith. BUT THEY WILL SIT WITH JESUS ON HIS THRONE (3:16).


BENEDICTION: As we go from here, help us to experience your favor, oh God! Allow us to rest in the peace that comes from the One who is, who was, and who is yet to come! To Him be glory and power, forever and ever.  Amen.