CMUMC Weekly Update 12-14-17

What new attitude do you want to put into practice? What old attitude do you wish to discard?  What new thing do you want to learn?  What can you do that you have never done before? What do you wish to learn?  During this season of Advent, in preparation for the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ in the manager, which is then quickly followed by a New Year. I hope you join me in considering how we can act more generous, hopeful, peaceful, joyful and loving.  How can you love God, neighbor and yourself more?  God created you to grow, and there is no time like the present to begin.

Opportunities and Events to put into practice the “New You”:

Angel Tree – Merry Christmas and congratulations!! This year we assisted 15 families consisting of 40 people, with three ornaments a piece that is 120 total ornament that hung on the tree!  That is quite a few more than last year, and was a stretch to our faithfulness.  All but 13 ornaments were taken. As a church seeking to make a difference in the community in which we live, and especially in the school system, we simply cannot let some angels go without gifts. 

If you did not have a chance to contribute, just mark your giving “Angels 2017” and give online or during worship.


12/14 – TONIGHT – Group Study – Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid, 7pm

12/15 – Bible Talk at 9am
    Parent’s Night Out at 6pm-9pm
12/17 – Sunday school at 10am
            Worship at 11am #morejoy
            Christmas Play Rehearsal (Kids and Youth) 12-3pm
             C.R.E.W. Christmas Party at 5:30pm

12/18 – Family Movie Night at 6:30pm

12/21-  Group Study – Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid, 7pm

12/22 – Bible Talk at 9am

12/23 – Christmas Play Rehearsal 3pm-5pm

12/24 – Sunday school at 10am

            Worship at 11am #morelove

12/24 – Christmas Eve Service at 4:30 pm and “Happy Birthday Jesus” celebration following

12/31 – Sunday school at 10am
             Worship at 11am #morelife
             Fifth Sunday Potluck

CMUMC Weekly Update 12-7-17

On behalf of our church, I tried to be an disseminator of #morehope Wednesday.  Yet, somehow, it felt like a failure!  Then I realized, it really isn’t all that important what the outcome of the mission felt like to me – but how it felt to those A&M Commerce students who had a tasty lunch, time to visit with friends, and a break from their normal routine during a week of preparing for finals.  Do you have those days when you realize might be using the wrong measuring stick?

So, how have you been an ambassador of #morehope?  That is our challenge for this week.  I have an idea!!!  There are still more than 50 angel ornaments on the tree for adoption, so don’t worry about being getting more than your fair share . . . there are more than enough to go around!  It is simple, take an ornament off the tree for either $10, $15 or $25, purchase gift cards at either Dollar General or Walmart, put the gift card in a card from Santa and return to the church!  If you have any questions, Shara Thomason is the Angel Tree guru and will answer all of your questions.
And also, renovations on the parsonage are in full swing!  Thank you to the Church Council for voting to approve the work.   And thank you to all who are putting in hours of work, lead by Andy Seymour, Phil Castle, Tony Gavin, Donny Johnson and others.  It will be beautiful and soon Brad and I will be able to move in.
Upcoming Events:
12/7 – Group Study – Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid, 7pm
Everyone welcome, Youth and Adults
12/8 – Bible Talk – CANCELLED for this week!  I apologize, but I have a major calendar conflict!
12/10 – Sunday school at 10am
Worship at 11am #morepeace
12/14 – Group Study – Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid, 7pm
12/15 – Bible Talk at 9am
Parent’s Night Out at 6pm-9pm
12/17 – Sunday school at 10am
Worship at 11am #morejoy
Christmas Play Rehearsal (Kids and Youth) 12-3pm
C.R.E.W. Christmas Party at 5:30pm
12/18 – Family Movie Night at 6:30pm
12/21- Group Study – Angels Among Us #DoNotBeAfraid, 7pm
12/22 – Bible Talk at 9am
12/23 – Christmas Play Rehearsal 3pm-5pm
12/24 – Sunday school at 10am
Worship at 11am #morelove
12/24 – Christmas Eve at 4:30 pm
12/31 – Sunday school at 10am
Worship at 11am #morelife
Fifth Sunday Potluck

CMUMC Weekly Update 11-30-17 Weekly

Greetings all!  First I want to thank each of you for sticking with me as I bauble and bungle things.  I’m getting the rhythm and hang of Caddo Mills UMC, slowly but surely.  So I ask for continued grace as I wrap myself around everything new.
Speaking of new – ADVENT is here!  I absolutely love this time of year.  As we begin to prepare for and celebrate of the arrival of the Christ Child in the Manager, I pray that each of us finds a moment of quiet in our day to experience with our hearts and souls, one simple joy of the season.  After all, Hebrews 11:1 reminds us: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”  That is never more true than during this season of Advent, in today’s culture and climate.  As I was reminded while reading one of the daily devotionals this week, William Sloan Coffin, the former minister of the great Riverside Church in New York City once said “I love the recklessness of faith.  First you leap, then you grow wings.”  
Growing wings may be our goal as we all take a large leap of faith to fly in the face of fear this year, hearing “Do not be afraid” from God’s messengers. 
TONIGHT – the first Advent Study begins at 7pm in the Education Building.  This group gathering is great for youth and adults, so come on out and join us!
FRIDAY – Christmas Parade!  Won’t you come and help support the children in their float, and then plan on staying at the church afterwards for some hot cocoa and cookies.
SATURDAY – Caddo Mills Elementary schools need helpers this Saturday morning at 6:00 am at Walmart in Greenville. It is the annual Clothing Caddo Kids. Adult volunteers will help families find sizes for their children. 
SUNDAY – First Sunday of Advent!  It is getting exciting . . .  Invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, anyone you know who doesn’t have a regular church home, to come and see what CMUMC has to offer!
Not receiving the Weekly Update via email?  Email Pastor Cathy to be added to the distribution list.  

Weekly Update for November 24, 2017

My prayer for you this morning is that each and every one of you had a blessed and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day!  Some of you may have been surrounded by family, friends and a lot of dirty dishes, including that “good china” that you only pull out for holidays.  Others of you may have had to work, or were not otherwise able to be near your family, and went through the McDonald’s drive-thru for you Thanksgiving Day meal.  Either way you spent your day, or anywhere in-between, I truly pray that you experienced at least one special moment during the day that the presence of God took your breathe away and you paused and gave thanks for what you have and for who you are.  Who knows, maybe that was the every moment someone was praying for you!
Since Brad and I have been living with family since early August, we have come to realize that Thanksgiving for us is more than one big meal, but living a life of gratitude for every day.  And now our family has been extended to include each and every one of you, and we are eternally grateful for your love of God and acceptance of us into your lives.  As we (you, Brad and I) look toward this season of Advent, I am exceedingly confident that the we will begin again to see and hear the angels among us! See you all Sunday!
Here are some things coming up in the life of CMUMC that you WILL want to add to your calendars:
November 26 (Sunday):
     9:45a – Adult Sunday School (childcare available)
     10:30a – Holy Grounds – coffee and donut
     11:00a – Worship, Praise and Celebration of the Word
     12:00p – “Hanging of the Greens” – annual decorating of the Church
              (Plan to hang around and help for a little while)
November 30 (Thursday)
     7:00p – Advent Study “Angels Among Us” #1
          For youth and adults (childcare available)
December 1 (Friday)
     9:00a – “Bible Talk” – Genesis 24
     5:00p – Christmas Parade line-up at Middle School
     6:30p – City of Caddo Mills – Christmas Parade
December 3 (Sunday) – First Sunday of Advent!
December 6 (Wednesday)
     Senior Adult “KIDS” outing to Commerce and serving lunch to Wesley Group
December 7 (Thursday)
     7:00pm – Advent Study “Angels Among Us” #2
December 14 (Thursday)
     7:00pm – Advent Study “Angels Among Us” #3
December 15 (Friday)
     “Parent’s Night Out” – Polar Express!  Email Teresa Whitney at for details and to reserve a spot for you
December 17 (Sunday)
     11:00am – Children’s Christmas Play during worship
     5:30pm – C.R.E.W. Christmas Party
December 18 (Monday)
     6:30pm – FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT
December 21 (Thursday)
    7:00pm – Advent Study “Angels Among Us” #4
December 24 (Christmas Eve – Sunday)
     11:00am – Worship
     5:00pm – Community Candlelight Service and Open House
December 31 (New Year’s Eve – Sunday)
     FIFTH SUNDAY Potluck!
I know, I hear you now . . . that is a lot!!  Yet I believe we will be so much stronger through our commitment to Christ and each other!

Welcome to Caddo Mills UMC – click an image to get started!

Caddo Mills United Methodist Church!
We’re an amazingly friendly church, with people of all ages and stages, committed to loving God and one another by spreading the GOOD NEW of Jesus Christ!
2500 First Street – Caddo Mills
Parking on 1st Street, in the AEP lot across the street, or in the parking lot on the SH 66 back of the church.
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Everyone begins worship together, in our energetic, video enhanced, biblically focused service, then the children leave for their individual classrooms at 11:15.
(YOUTH worship at 11 and have C.R.E.W time Sunday nights.) Worship time together is casual, welcoming & relevant so come and see!  We’ll meet you at the door if you let us know you’re coming!

Upcoming Events

Fri 15

BOY SCOUTS Troop 1410

September 11 @ 6:30 PM - December 18 @ 8:30 PM
Sun 17

Journey with Jesus: Sunday School

December 17 @ 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Sun 17

Children’s CHRISTMAS Play

December 17 @ 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Sun 17

The CREW – Sunday night youth group

December 17 @ 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Mon 18


December 18 @ 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Thu 21

“Angels Among Us!” Christmas (Advent) Study

December 21 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Jan 13

Farmer’s Baby Shower

January 13, 2018 @ 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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