CMUMC Weekly Update – 3/22/18

For the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”  
1 Samuel 16:7
It seems that God often like to surprise us.  And when we are surprised, we often look at our expectation and begin to wonder how to adjust them to be more in line with God. In this scripture, Samuel is seeking the new king for Israel and had been instructed by God to go to the house of Jesse in fulfillment of that search.  Upon his arrival, Jesse presents to Samuel seven of his eight sons, the oldest, the strongest, the most experienced.  But with each introduction, Samuel shakes his head and says, “No.  Not this one.”  Finally, Samuel asks Jesse, “do you have another son?”  Samuel knew he had heard God’s direction clearly, the direction that he would find the new king among Jesse’s sons.  And because of that, he didn’t give up.  Jesse said “Yes, well I have one more.  He is the youngest and is out tending the sheep.”  Jesse sent for David to come in from the fields, and the reign of David as the King who followed the heart of God, began.  
As I have learned, there is good news and bad news in this story.  The bad news is that our choices and chosen direction are often chosen of outward appearances and superficial information.  The great news is that that is not how God looks upon us.  God sees our heart and knows the potential hidden there.  No matter how unlike we may appear to be close to God’s heart, the good news is that God continually choses the unlikely.  There are none too young/old, too experienced/inexperienced, too lost/saved, too loved/unloveable to be redeemed by God and used to lead others to the Heart of God.
That means God can and will use you, if you will make yourself available!  And your availability is what we need at Caddo Mills UMC these next few weeks.  It’s the holy season of Lent/Easter – when we celebrate again the Risen Christ and a great opportunity to share that good news with others.  I know the list below is long, but I ask that you please look over it carefully and see where you can engage yourself with us and with God.
Also, don’t forget – we will be updating pictures of all members and guests the next two Sundays, so bring your best “cheesy” smile!
Upcoming Opportunities:
3/23 – Friday – Bible Talk at 9am (open to anyone who wants to walk with us through the Bible)
Breakfast provided this week by Betty Palmer
3/24 – Saturday – 9am – Neighborhood Walks
Come to the church, get a stack of invitations, and go walk your neighborhood inviting others to join us for Good Friday, the Good Glow Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday
3/25 – Sunday – 10am – Family Picture taking begins
10am – Adult Sunday School
10:15 – Children’s Sunday school
10:45 – ALL CHILDREN – to assemble to participate in the Palm Parade
10:45 – Confirmands to assemble to go over last minute information
11am – Worship – Confirmation Sunday and New Member Sunday
12noon – Parsonage Open House
3pm – P31 Preview Class (a bootcamp that will be offered at CMUMC)
5:30 – C.R.E.W. Youth
dinner provided by Jonathan & Teresa Rea
3/28 – Wednesday – 6:15 – final Bread & Broth (Ya’ll, FYI – we have great, hearty soups, not just a cup of clear bullion)
7pm – final Made for a Miracle study
3/30 – Friday – 5pm – C.R.E.W. and other Volunteers to prepare for Egg Hunt
7pm – Good Friday Worship
8pm – Good GLOW Egg Hunt and Festival
4/1 – Sunday – 11:00 – Easter Sunday!
4/4 – Wednesday – begin new Wednesday Night study “Pray Then Like This,” a study of the Lord’s Prayer
open to all, nursery is available.