CMUMC Weekly Update – 4/19/18

In the “Pray Then Like This . . . “ study last night (a study of the Lord’s Prayer), we had a great conversation on being “dethroned.”  I woke up this morning with the revelation that this thought is too important not to be shared with all of you, and for those who were there last night, giving you another opportunity to reflect for yourself on what it means to be dethroned.  

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught his disciples (yes, the twelve there and the trillions of us that have followed) to pray “Thy kingdom come.”  Jesus is telling us, from the outset, that we aren’t the center of attention, God is!  William J. Carl, III, author of The Lord’s Prayer for Today is quoted as saying:
The Christian life is a very long, sometimes painful but ultimately joyful, process of being dethroned.  We go through it all the time.  Parents are dethroned by children who outdo them, and retirees are dethroned by retirement itself when they go around the office and nobody cares what they think anymore.  We spend our whole lives getting dethroned, and it happens again with the coming of God’s kingdom.
Humanity is much more prone to want to pray “my kingdom come, my will be done” because we want things our way, and we want God to bless our wants.  To pray THY kingdom come is a reminder that we are not, and never really have been, number one.  That glory, hallowed-ness and prestige belongs to God and God alone.  
So today, I’m going to work on willingly stepping down off the throne (pedestal) I keep putting myself up on and hope to become a better sign-post pointing everyone who sees me to the greatest King and kingdom.
Speaking of the Wednesday night study, it is NEVER too late to join.  If you are interested, I can email you the lessons so far, so that you can read and be ready for next week’s focus “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  This time is open to all youth and adults, men and women, slave or free, Jew or Greek . . . oh wait, I’ve gotten into quoting scripture again.  Well, you get the idea.  Childcare for smalls is provided, and a responsible playmate for olders is available as well.
AND PLEASE KEEP READING. . . . there are some items below I would like your feedback/action on!
Upcoming Opportunities to grow in your discipleship:
4/20 – 9am – Bible Talk, Genesis Chapter 37 (we are entering the stories of Joseph, Judah and Jacob’s Family)
This study is intended for all adults, male and female.  So if you are a guy, sitting at home doing nothing – be bold and be the first
male to break the mold!  We have yummy food!
4/22 – 10am – Adult Sunday school in the Education Building
4/22 – 11am – Worship
4/22 – VBS Volunteer Meeting following Worship
4/22 – 5:30-7:30pm – C.R.E.W. – rising 6th Graders through 12th Grade are welcome
Thank you to Linda & Tony Gavin for dinner this week
To sign up, GO HERE
4/23 – NEW!!! @9:30AM “What? So What? Now What?”  Is a new Bible study which will be on the 
scripture to be preached on the coming Sunday!!!   Men, Women, Jews, Greeks, Slaves, Free . . . COME!
You will be “in the know” come Sunday, and have a deeper, richer understanding of the scripture.
HINT:  With this format, anyone can come whatever Monday they are available (when you are on vacation, summer break, etc.)
because each lesson does not build upon the previous one.  FREEDOM!!!
4/25 – @7pm – “Pray Then Like This . . . “
4/29 – Fifth Sunday Potluck
5/5 – @8am-3pm – Fox Fest
@8am-1pm – Garage Sale (bring those unwanted items to sale which will benefit C.R.E.W. and our summer trip
MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING!!!  May 13th!  Encourage those you know to attend, it will be a special day celebrating all women!
PICNIC TABLES – We are in need of more picnic tables for the park area!  A kit can be purchased at Lowe’s for $99, or assembled for $109.  Please consider making that financial contribution! 
PICTURES OF YOUR SAINTS IN HEAVEN – In preparation for a special Sunday, would you please email me digital pictures of any of your loved ones who are now experiencing with Jesus what we can ONLY IMAGINE?  All photos needed by May 15th.
FLOWER CALENDAR – is there a special Sunday in our life in which you would be thrilled to see flowers in the Sanctuary in honor or memory of a person or life event? Select a Sunday that is special to you – in honor of a birthday, anniversary, loved one, holiday, etc.  Then contribute $50 and we will provide a beautiful flower arrangement for worship, announce during worship the reason for the flowers, and also put it in the bulletin.  This is not a fund-raiser!  But a way to celebrate occasions in everyone’s life and beautify the sanctuary.  At the end of worship, you are invited to take the flowers home!
CLICK HERE to select your Sunday!  When you make your donation, please note on your check that it is for the FLOWER FUND.
Say Grace, Show Grace, Live Grace,
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