CMUMC Weekly Update – 4/5/18

We had a great Easter season at CMUMC!  Thank you to all who attended the parsonage open house, provided cookies and punch, and unexpectedly gifted Brad and me with such an abundant house warming!  Thank you to all who attended any of the worship services or group studies.   Thank you to all who brought soup and bread, palms and Easter Lillies, candy and prizes, volunteered your time, set up chairs, popped popcorn, stuffed eggs, participated in the egg hunt, and so much more.  Thank you!  As a result of your dedication and involvement, we celebrate that we had the opportunity to share the Good News with so many!
Here is more great news (admittedly, not as great as knowing Jesus loves you), but good news nonetheless!  From the Ash Wednesday service offering and the Wednesday evening “Bread and Broth” donations, we were able to raise $699.58 for Heifer International!  (Yes, someone (thank you Betty Palmer) put in $.48 more to make it an even $700 that we sent to Heifer.  Great work CMUMC!  If you are curious what $700 can provide through Heifer, here is a brief list for you:
  • 1 goat – $120
  • 1 heifer – $500
  • 1 water buffalo – $250
  • 1 Alpaca or Llama – $150
  • 1 sheep or pig – $120
  • 1 rabbit – $60
  • Hive of bees – $30
  • “Flock” of ducks, geese or baby chicks – $20
  • 1 knitter’s basket – $480
Now, on a personal note.  Sometimes I feel a little slow, or at least a step behind others.  I don’t get the punch line of a joke, have the answer to a trivia fact, or understand why saying “dilly, dilly” is enough to get someone ejected from the Masters.  As further proof, most the devotionals I have been reading this week have had a recurring theme of why and how to thrive through and be inspired by our mistakes.  This morning I began to wonder why theme has been so prevalent this week, then it hit me (like I said, I’m sometimes a step behind) – this week we have the opportunity to talk about Thomas, often called “Doubting Thomas!”  Thomas and Simon Peter are just two of Jesus’ disciples who set a significant examples of making a huge public mistake.  I wasn’t slow in remembering the Good News: Jesus loves them.
“A person who cares nothing for praise or blame knows great inward peace….Praise does not make you holier than you are, nor blame more wicked. You are exactly what you are, and cannot ever be any better or worse than that, in the eyes of God. Attend to what is really within you, then, and you will not care what others say of you. People look at externals, but God looks at the heart. They weigh actions; God knows your intent….To feel no need of human support and assurance is a mark of inward confidence – of those who truly walk with God in their hearts.”   Thomas à Kempis in his classic, The Imitation of Christ.
4/6 – Bible Talk at 9am
4/8 – Adult Sunday school at 9:45am
4/8 – Worship and Holy Communion at 11am
4/8 – Children’s Sunday school during worship, following Children’s Message
4/8 – C.R.E.W., 5:30-7:30pm
4/11 – “Pray Then Like This . . . “ a study of the Lord’s Prayer, at 7pm
4/29 – Fifth Sunday Potluck
4/29 – One Event for the C.R.E.W. at First Rockwall
5/27 – Sunday, Sundae, Sunday!
6/18-22 – VBS and Family Fun Night, 6-8pm
6/27-30 – C.R.E.W. Youth Summer Trip