CMUMC Weekly Update – 5/24/18

The lock-in is almost over – ending in just a few hours.  My brain is tired, so I’m using someone else’s words this morning as inspiration, for you and for me!  I experienced the reality Bishop Gary Mueller describe last night and even this morning over breakfast as I listened to the varying conversations among our youth.  .  
Right and wrong matter. But, sadly, I sometimes realize that I’m fighting for ‘right’ and opposing ‘wrong’ more because of my pain, insecurities and fear than what I believe is right or wrong. This is why it’s critical that I make sure I’m listening to God and not assuming I’m speaking for God. And 
whenever I may be in doubt about my motivations, that’s the perfect time for me to share some grace. Because a good dose of grace always makes right and wrong a whole lot clearer!  Bishop Gary Mueller, Bishop of the Arkansas Conference, UMC
Thank you to the parents who allowed their students to spend the first day of their summer vacation with us.  We have 19 students who joined us for the lock-in.  Did I tell you I am tired?  
In honor of our Senior, Trevor Whitney, if you would like to contribute to a money tree in his honor, bring some cash with you this Sunday!
Upcoming Opportunities:
5/27 – Youth Sunday, Senior Recognition and Memorial Day celebration
Adult Sunday school @10am
Youth Sunday school at the Parsonage @10am
Nursery is open @10am
      Children’s Creative Craft time in the Education Building (C3 is a Blast!) @10am
Worship @11am
Collecting and praying over donations for APPETITE FOR READING (see details below)
SUNDAY, SONDAY, SUNDAE @ 4:30pm for EVERYONE – bring the family and come have a COOL time!
NO CREW (6th-12th) other than Sunday, Sonday, Sundae!
5/28 – What? So What? Now What? @ 9:30am
5/30 – CREEDO by Adam Hamilton @7pm
6/1 – Bible Talk @9am
6/5 & 6/7 – CrossWalk – weekly walking group at 8pm every Tuesday & Thursday through the summer
6/10 – Movie on the Lawn @8pm
6/18-22 – Hero Central VBS @6:00-8:30pm
7/5-7 – C.R.E.W. Summer Retreat
7/1 – Family Bonfire, Weenie Roast, S’mores & Talent Show
7/20 – Spaghetti Bingo Dinner
To sign up to provide dinner for here
*note on CREW dinner: provide a light supper for the youth, about 20 people total, such as hot dogs, sloppy joes, sandwiches, spaghetti, tacos, pizza, etc.
To sign up to participate in Sunday worshipclick here
*note on worship: weekly we need greeters, ushers, and acolyte; most Sundays we need someone to lead Call to Worship and read Scripture. Anyone who would like to help, select your Sunday and what you prefer to do.
To sign up to provide flowers for worshipclick here
*note on flowers:  the calendar goes through all of next year.  Pick a date now that is in honor of a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion or in memory of a loved one and claim the date!  The cost is $50 per Sunday.  The flowers will be placed on the altar that Sunday and following worship, you can carry the beautiful arrangement home with you.
Appetite for Reading:
We are collecting food items for the teachers to pack and send home weekly with the elementary students, providing food for them to eat during the summer months.  As is CMUMC’s tradition, we collect as much food as we can and get it to the Food Pantry!  We will pray over our collection this Sunday and deliver, so be sure and bring whatever you would like to contribute this week!  Please see a list of SOME suggested food items below:
Non-perishable food and individual size would be nice on some items:
peanut butter
cheese or peanut butter crackers
animal crackers
fruit snacks
Prayer Requests for the week:
Graduation tonight for the Class of 2018 – Caddo Mills High School
Rest for those 19 kids and 4 adults who participated in the lock in last night!
Celeste Pinales
Katie Bell
Ben Bentley
Joan Bentley
Suzanne Thomason
Wanda Poston
Sharon Churchwell
Darlene Seymour
Karina Montenegro
Rev. Dr. Ella McDonald
Karson Burnett-Barry
Suzanne Ayo’s parents
Linda Gavin’s cousin, Janell, and her family
Say Grace, Show Grace, Live Grace,
Cathy Partridge, Pastor
Caddo Mills United Methodist Church
2500 First Street
Caddo Mills, TX 75135
Cell: 214-395-2288
Church: 903-527-3470