CMUMC Weekly Update – 6/28/18

I read this post on Facebook from Bishop Gary Mueller several months ago.  For me, this collection of words have proven to be a reading that I have gone back to repeatedly and each time, my perspective has been altered and my claimed, firm stance on an issue has softened.  In this time of great division and strife, where the gulf is continually widening between the left and right, the red and blue, the young and old, the alien and resident,  the oppressed and  privileged (and any other contrast you may think of), words of grace are a healing balm and an encouragement toward personal self-examination .

Right and wrong matter. But, sadly, I sometimes realize that I’m fighting for ‘right’ and opposing ‘wrong’ more because of my pain, insecurities and fear than what I believe is right or wrong. This is why it’s critical that I make sure I’m listening to God and not assuming I’m speaking for God. And whenever I may be in doubt about my motivations, that’s the perfect time for me to share some grace. Because a good dose of grace always makes right and wrong a whole lot clearer!
Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!  Amen.
Upcoming Opportunities:
Tomorrow, 6/29 – 9am “Bible Talk”
Sunday, 7/1 – Reflect Adult Study @10am
Youth Sunday school time @10am (YES!  We will meet!) at the Parsonage
C3 – It’s a Blast (Children’s Creative Craft Time) @10am in the Education Building
Worship @11am
C.R.E.W. @5:30pm
Family Bonfire, Weiner Roast & Smores AND TALENT SHOW @5:30pm
Monday – 7/2 – NO What? So What? Now What?
Wednesday – Happy and Safe Independence Day Celebrations to all!
NO Creed Study
Thursday 7/5 through Saturday 7/7 – Let’s Get Real Youth Retreat
Friday – 7/20 – Spaghetti & Bingo